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Endigar 863

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From Courage to Change of May 2:

Sometimes I become so busy staring at my problems that I miss the guidance I’m being given. When I become willing to let go of the need to do it by myself, I can listen to others and receive direction from my Higher Power. I become better able to move beyond my problems and start solving them.

This became clear to me when I was caught in a sudden, blinding snowstorm. Visibility was so bad that I couldn’t see the sides of the road; I couldn’t tell where my driving lane began and ended. I struggled to find my way, but finally surrendered and began to pull off the road to sit out the storm. Then I realized that I could make it home if I allowed the trees that lined the road to help me to gauge my position.

When I accept that help often comes in unexpected forms, I can release my hold on the problem and become willing to receive help.

Today’s Reminder

I must do many things for myself, but I am not wholly self-sufficient. I need the help, support, and guidance I receive from my Higher Power and my Al-Anon friends. When I catch myself struggling with a problem today. I will let go of it long enough to reach out for help.

“Once we learn to let go of the problem, the loving concern and help of the other members will provide strong support to help us understand what the Al-Anon program can do for us.”

~ This Is Al-Anon

END OF QUOTE—————————————

When I first began to seek help, I did so because my life was full of powerlessness. I wrestled with living life on life’s terms. I was confused in a cloud of fear. I resented not being able to control the results of my efforts. I gave smiling handshakes to cover my painful retreat. When I was first introduced to the 12 Steps, I feared another dance of futility with religion. Over time, I began to recognize the program as a power grid for genuine spirituality.

“Lack of power, that was our dilemma. We had to find a power by which we could live, and it had to be a Power greater than ourselves.” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous, page 45.

One of the manifestations of this power is during moments of surrender. It may appear in the beginning that I am surrendering to hopelessness. Just giving up. But that is not the case. As I stay devoted to the process of the program, I learn that I am surrendering to trust. The quiet is my private laboratory that justifies my public faith. I am gathering evidence invisible to casual observation. Today, I listen with anticipation. Plug in and prosper.

“We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will surely meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous, page 164.

Endigar 862

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From Courage to Change of May 1:

At a recent Al-Anon meeting we were asked to fill in the blank in this statement: “If only _____ would happen, I would be happy.” Many of us were tempted to answer that we would be happy if our loved ones got sober or handled sobriety differently. But other “if only’s” also kept us feeling deprived: If only my boss, family, job, government, finances, would change in the way that I want, I would be happy. It became clear that many of us have put our happiness on hold for things beyond our control.

So we applied the First Step, and admitted that we were powerless over these people, places, and things. These “if only’s” made our lives unmanageable, but a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Many of us decided to surrender our “if only’s” to a Higher Power. When we did, we stopped acting like victims, waiting for things to change. We chose to take a more active role in seeking happiness in the here and now.

Today’s Reminder

There are many areas of my life that I cannot change. What I can change is my attitude. Today I can accept my life as it is. I can be grateful and happy, here and now, with what I have.

“Life holds so much — so much to be so happy about always. Most people ask for happiness on condition. Happiness can be felt only if you don’t set conditions”

~ Artur Rubinstein

END OF QUOTE—————————————

When I hear talk about being happy with life, it is easy for me to confuse an emotional reaction with a willful intent to police my attitude. Emotions are fleeting. Emotions make horrible leaders. But, they can be powerful servants. Gratitude is the training arena for domesticating my wild emotions. I am happy in the morning, angry at lunchtime, and profoundly sad in the evening. I do not have to remain powerless over my emotional reactions. Identifying reasons for gratitude helps me develop the power to summon the most helpful emotions in a given situation. Staying connected with the Spirit of Recovery inside and outside the rooms makes this possible for me.

Endigar 861 ~ Utility of Thought

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REF: Endigar 842

Al-Anon has helped me complete what Alcholics Anonymous started. I had identified the destructive internal mantras that I had both inherited and produced. I wrote them down in 2011. Finally, I have replaced them with a more useful way of thinking. Today, I write and publish them. I will make them a page on this site and will update them as life learning dictates. It will be a fluid document. But I want one post were I celebrate the production of some hard fought internal transformation. Here it is:

God and I are one, even though I am not God. This is the paradoxical truth that makes me free in recovery and life. Improving my communication skills between my truest Self and my Higher Power is a key element to spiritual growth and empowerment. God ignores my linguistics degree in manipulation.

God is an investor in my Intent of Will and asks that I surrender my fears, trade them in for trust in a covenant relationship between the Higher Power and myself.

God is my Life Source urging me toward expressive experience. He / She is God of everything or nothing in my life. I chose the former in a Step 3 covenant reaffirmation.

LOVE: Love is a transformative magic, a learned skill, and the primary weapon against personal fear and self-hatred. The 12 Steps provides a way for me to refine its potency in my life.

HUMILITY: My family icon of protective pride lacks the potency I need to live. The concepts that I value will be heard as I listen to the concepts that others value. There is no stronger presence then the God of my understanding in the true expression of my life. As a connected being it is impossible for me to be dismissed. The confidence that comes from humility will answer the pride that comes from fear.

COURAGE: My unaddressed, personal guilt makes me afraid that my internal monster will find external expression in others. Keeping my moral inventory updated and maintaining a quick response to any necessary ammends allows me to see the true from the false and quit chasing shadow dragrons. A clean sword will fulfill the function for which it was forged.

I am devoted to the building of family that actuates its member individuals, resulting in two statements on powerful self-expression. One of those ideas is that there is no failure except the surrender to personal entropy. An actuated life refreshes its own sources.

I am devoted to the building of family that actuates its member individuals, resulting in two statements on powerful self-expression. One of those ideas is that one can drink freely of the pools of their genetic memory if they can see clearly their own reflection in its waters.

I have identified my antisocial anxiety as a lifelong problem. As I build tools to put it into remission, I can use the balance of my internal creativity with my external productivity as a litmus for successful treatment.

To my own higher Self I will be true, and as sure as the cool embrace of night follows the pulsing activity of daylight; I will not be false to anyone. I will speak as if moving a piece in a great game of chess, and I will listen as if taking in the overall picture of the board.

Endigar 860

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From Courage to Change of April 30:

I have no idea why the faucet in my bathroom started dripping. Handling the situation with great patience, I watched it drip. And drip and drip. Sometimes I tried adjusting the knob, but I really expected it to stop dripping by itself. Naturally it didn’t work out that way. The problem got worse and eventually did extensive damage. Finally I had to call for help.

I can’t tell you how many problems I’ve handled in this very way, with just as little success. Thanks to Al-Anon, I no longer have to wait for a situation to explode before I face it. One of the most useful tools has been sharing in meetings and with members of the fellowship. When I put my experiences into words, they seem more real and I am less likely to push them aside. As a result, I can often face problems when they are still only slight irritations and deal with them before they grow and take over. Today I am not so interested in high drama; I’d rather have a real life.

Today’s Reminder

Today I will share honestly about something that has been nagging at me. My life deserves my attention.

“One of the most helpful aspects of the Al-Anon/Alateen fellowship is the opportunity we have to voice our dilemmas, confident that we won’t be condemned for speaking frankly.”

Living with Sobriety

END OF QUOTE—————————————

I don’t think about life in terms of day to day problems that must be addressed. Is that a problem in itself? I am not sure. Am I inviting an all-consuming blob where there was only a puke green splatter on a sterile surface? I find that accomplishments mean nothing to me if they serve only to seduce me into a life of vigilant servitude. I am afraid of letting the urgent eat up the important. Defining what is truly important is what the 12 Step program helps me discover. And rediscover.

Endigar 859

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From Courage to Change of April 29:

I grew up with guilt and blame, amidst harsh criticism and constant fear. Even now, after years of Al-Anon recovery, when past mistakes come to mind I tend to react with guilt, exaggerating the significance of my errors and thinking very badly of myself.

In Al-Anon I’m learning to see myself more realistically. Sure, I have wrestled with alcoholism and taken a fall or two. I’ve made plenty of mistakes that had nothing to do with alcoholism. But I’m not evil. It’s time I stop treating myself as if I were.

There was a time when the only power I felt I had was the power to mess things up. Today, because I am learning to believe in myself and my ability to make a positive contribution to my own life, I am free to look at my mistakes without blowing them out of proportion. I can learn to stop repeating those errors, and I can make amends for the harm I have done.

Today’s Reminder

I will not chain myself to the past with self-defeating guilt, or by inflating the importance of my errors. Instead, I want to face my past and heal old wounds so that I may move forward into a richer, fuller, and more joyous life today.

“You don’t have to suffer continual chaos in order to grow.”

John C. Lilly

END OF QUOTE—————————————

My conscience has adapted to dancing around the pain and anger of the intimate ones in my life. I put a lot of stock in a Father God on the other side of the Veil that needed to be appeased at all times. He as an easily offended entity who might lovingly destroy me. The Higher Power of my 12 Step program seems to be invested in me living a liberated life. I am quite interested in what life will be like after my time here in the training matrix ends. Maybe my other worldly exploration begins here and now with an altered state of conscience.

Endigar 858

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From Courage to Change of April 28:

Sometimes the things we consider our greatest weaknesses prove to be our greatest strengths. They provide us with opportunities for growth that we would never have had otherwise. All my life I prayed for courage, but it was through my shyness that I learned that courage was already available to me.

I was hesitant about sharing in meetings, afraid I would be ridiculed. I sat in the back and kept my secrets to myself. Still, I heard my own story so often that I began to lose my fear. Calling upon a reserve of courage I didn’t know existed, I managed to approach some members who seemed to have similar experiences. In time, I had spoken with so many people one-on-one that sharing in the group become possible, even comfortable.

If my fear had simply been removed, I might never have known that I am capable of acting on my own behalf. I didn’t need enough strength to get up in front of a roomful of strangers; I only needed enough to keep me taking tiny steps. I had exactly enough strength and courage to reach my goal.

Today’s Reminder

Anything and everything about me can be used for my good. If I feel insecure or frightened today, I will remember that my fear is a signal that there is something for me to learn.

“It may not be the answer I want, but I have to remember that it may be what I need.

As We Understood . . .

END OF QUOTE—————————————

In my younger years, I was mesmerized by something called break dancing. How awesome it would be to whirl about in such a spastic ecstasy. I was skinnier at the time and imagined that I might become a break dancing deity. When I would have that thought, life would appear to me in the form of a single day and ask me, “Do you want to be a break dancer?” I would answer yes. “Are you sure.” Again I would nod my head in the affirmative. “I don’t believe you. If you really wanted it, you would have said, Hell Yeah! and followed it with some action. Any little action to punctuate your enthusiasm. Yes will be filtered away with all things frivolous. I will return when you have something truly important and then I will hear you answer, Hell Yeah.”

Life was correct. Break dancing faded away from my mind. Instead I said Hell Yeah to military life, to fatherhood, and to recovery. And these passions have directed my daily steps toward a fulfilled life. Hell Yeah!

Endigar 857

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From Courage to Change of April 27:

Self-esteem grows when I love and accept myself as I am. I block my own well-being each time I base my self-worth on what I do or what others think of me. If I could please all the people on the earth, If I could “straighten everyone out” and remedy all the difficulties they face, if I could make the world a perfect place — even then, I probably still would not feel good about myself. Indeed, I would have had to give up all of my “self” to accomplish this impossible task.

I cannot be prefect. I cannot make others perfect. Yet I am worth of love, respect, and joy. Let me remind myself each day that I am the child of a perfect Higher Power. That, in itself, commands respect — my respect — for the miraculous “self” I have been given. When I hold this at the forefront of my mind, I will not give up my “self” in the course of any endeavor.

Today’s Reminder

Today, when faced with choices, I will opt for the path that enhances my self-esteem.

“I am learning to live a full life, one in which I like and care for the person I am.”

Al-Anon Faces Alcoholism

END OF QUOTE—————————————

There is part of me that was embedded in my creation. I call that thing that I believe to be more than animal genetics the god-shard. What good is an infant human? It cannot work and contribute to the household or even financially justify its own existence. Its ability to produce socially valuable intelligence will take a large investment of care and attention. If it ever produces something of great value to its environment, it will be a long time coming. The survival systems we have established see human beings as necessary replacement cogs in our cultural machines. Yet, if that is the limit of our value, there is no justification for personal liberty. In fact, it is a great liability.

The Founding Fathers of the United States concluded that there was intrinsic value in the human being and that we had inalienable rights (and undeniable responsibilities). Our liberty was justified by the possibility that our personal spiritual relationships would allow us to see that thing that was implanted within. That hunger for self-expression, for social and spiritual connection, for perpetual growth serves as a validation that there is something within each of us that is our own Word of God to the world. To smother it in self-doubt is a loss for all of us collectively. I matter and so do you.

Endigar 856.5

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From Courage to Change of April 26:

The most important words many of us hear when we first come to Al-Anon are, “Take what you like, and leave the rest.” Everything about our program is suggested, not required. This gives us the freedom to pick and choose. If we disagree with something, we don’t have to use it. If we are not ready to use a Step, slogan, or tool, we are free to wait.

Many of us need time to come to terms with the spiritual nature of the Al-Anon program. If we were required to believe in a Higher Power in order to participate in Al-Anon, we might never have continued to attend meetings. Eventually, many of us do come to believe in a Higher Power because we are free to come to our own understanding in our own time. That way, whatever we learn will have meaning for us.

When we take what we like and leave the rest, we give ourselves permission to challenge new ideas, to make decisions for ourselves, and even to change our minds.

Today’s Reminder

Because I am able to use whatever I find helpful and leave the rest, I can benefit from the experience, strength, and hope of others and still follow my own heart.

“With the help of this program and my Higher Power, I take charge of fashioning, shaping, choosing what kind of life I will have.”

. . . In All Our Affairs

END OF QUOTE—————————————

This is a critical aspect of the 12 Step program for me. I have lived my life dancing around tripwires to maintain a semblance of peace in the home. I have lived in fear of failing everchanging expectations. My life was a disappointment waiting to happen. It was a binding façade for the sake of emotional survival.

Al-Anon’s assurance that I could take what was useful and leave the rest was a new way of building my home. I am encouraged to embrace both personal liberty and responsibility and I relish this new air I am breathing.

Endigar 856

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From Courage to Change of April 25:

Many of us have discovered that the telephone can be a lifeline between meetings. At first we many be reluctant to call someone we barely know, but most members are grateful to receive such calls because both parties benefit. It is often as helpful for a longtime member to review the Al-Anon “basics” as it is for the newcomer to hear them. Our strength lies in the fact that we learn from each other.

A particularly useful time for Al-Anon phone calls is when we are preparing to do something new or frightening. Many of us “bookend” these actions: We make an Al-Anon call before taking the action, and we follow the action with a second call. Fr those of us who have always acted alone, this is a way to share our risks and our courage with others who will love and support us, no matter what happens. When we talk about what we are doing and how we feel before taking a difficult step, it becomes possible to act with confidence and serenity.

Today’s Reminder

I will reach out to another Al-Anon member today. If that person is busy or unavailable, I’ll make another call.

“We must learn to lean on others, and sometimes accept others’ leaning on us . . . We can’t do it alone.”

Alateen–Hope for Children of Alcoholics

END OF QUOTE—————————————

Texting is an absolute godsend for me when it comes to maintaining contact outside of meetings. Talking on the phone has always been frivolous, false, and challenging. When I tried making telephone contact, it was a tortious skit of forced civility. But texting has allowed me to think about my words and to become more genuine. They are words that stay for future refence.

Extroverts may truly gain from the fluid interchange between words spoken, but I have found writing far more useful in recovery. Talking is like throwing a flat rock to skip across the water. Writing presents an opportunity to explore depths. The connection and direction needed in recovery is better fulfilled by text then a telephone conversation for me. Either way, maintaining a network of frequent connection outside of the meeting provides needed support in critical times.

Endigar 855

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From Courage to Change of April 24:

When something isn’t working the way I think it should, I can think about the slogan, “Easy Does It.” Instead of redoubling my effort, I can slow down and reassess the situation. The answer I seek may be staring me in the face, but sometimes I have to let go of what I’m doing before I can see it.

I was trying to zip a removable lining back into my coat, but it wasn’t working. I pushed as hard as I could, trying to force it to slide, but it wouldn’t budge. Finally I saw that I had been trying to fit the lining’s zipper into the coat’s zipper. No wonder I couldn’t make it work!

How many times in my life have I done the same thing: forced a solution? I’ve tried to “zip” myself to people and situations that didn’t “fit” me, becoming frustrated and disheartened in the process. But I’ve learned that easy does it. I can take the time to see if I “match” what I think I want before I jump in and start “zipping.” My life is more serene because I’m not pushing to make myself fit somewhere I don’t belong.

Today’s Reminder

If my plans hit a snag today, I will step back for a moment and take a calm look at the situation before moving ahead.

“‘Easy Does It.’. . Think about it when you’re in a hurry to do something and everything seems to go wrong . . .You’ll be surprised how much this one little idea can do for you.”

Youth and the Alcoholic Parent

END OF QUOTE—————————————

Easy does it. There has been very few activities in my life where I could embrace this mantra. I understand the idea, and I imagine it may lead to greater serenity for some people. I suppose if taking it easy does not equate to the abdication of responsibility I would find it useful. If it was about pausing between stimulus and response to find clarity of mind, that would be useful. For me, it is the difference between emotional chaos and intelligent performance. You know, maybe I use this more often than I thought. Easy does it.