The Risk of Opening your Mouth, and Revealing your Heart

I have attended many, many meetings and I have observed something that the Higher Power does in the group.  It appears that GOMU (God of my understanding) will take those willing to risk opening their mouths and divide them into three basic types of sharers.

~ THE RAMBLER:  If you find that you thought you had a good point to make, but that when you try to express it openly, you find yourself publicly chasing that thought, only to verbally stumble back before the group and apologize, hoping something made sense, then Gomu has chosen you to speak the following assurance into the group conscience;  “If that person had the guts to share, anybody can share.  You don’t have to have the perfect words to connect.”

~ THE SOWER:  If you have a piece of the message to share, nothing exciting, maybe heard many times before, but you feel motivated to share it anyway, you have been chosen to sow a seed of the program into the group conscience.  It is a piece of the puzzle, apart of the solution.

~ THE NUGGET BARER:  If you open your mouth and everything is spoken perfectly, the group connects and absorbs your thoughts, and it is so magical even you are surprised, you have been chosen to deposit a gold nugget from Gomu into the group conscience.

All three types of speakers are needed for the well-being of the group.  It seems to be the choice of the Higher Power which way it will go for the speaker.  You just have to be willing to open up and connect with the group conscience, no matter how risky it feels.

2 Responses to “The Risk of Opening your Mouth, and Revealing your Heart”

  1. Have you ever sent any of your writings to the Grapevine? I personally would love to see this in there…. As someone who has been to 6 or 7,000 meetings I can say you are RIGHT ON. LOL

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