Making Myself at Home ~ Seven Service

Connecting has been a major issue for me in this process of recovery.  Self-flagellating isolation has been the primary source of my spiritual bankruptcy.  I am going to try something here.  I like the number seven.  In my numerological curiosity, the number seven represents perfection and completion, it is the joining of the square and triangle, a pyramid of sorts. 

So when I desire to make a group a home group, I want to complete the following tasks I call the Seven Service:

Hand out the tokens seven times

Lead a topic seven times

Chair a meeting seven times

Clean the building seven times

Read the intro literature seven times

Share in the meetings seven times knowing my message

Share my story seven times

I know that ultimately, the change must take place on the inside, and that external activities only provide the opportunity for such development to happen.

Add to this a devotion to prayer, meditation, contacting my sponsor, and others in the network, and an attitude to reach out and give it away to keep it, and I will be making some investment in my ability to connect.

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