Endigar 777

From Courage to Change of February 14;

Confusion can be a gift from God. Looking back on instances when I felt desperately in need of an immediate solution, I can see that often I wasn’t ready to act. When I became fully ready, the information I needed was there for the taking.

When I know too much about my options before the time is right to exercise those options, I tend to use the information only to drive myself crazy. That’s why today, when I am feeling confused, I try to consider it grace. It may not yet be time for me to act.

I think that dealing with confusion can be like cooking. If the bread isn’t done, I don’t take it out of the oven and insist that it’s time to eat. I let it finish baking. If a clear solution to a problem hasn’t shown itself yet, I can trust that it will appear when the time is right.

Today’s Reminder

I will thank my Higher Power for whatever I experience today, even if I feel troubled or confused. I know that every experience can offer me a gift. All I have to do is be willing to look at my situation in the light of gratitude.

“Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content. ” ~ Helen Keller

END OF QUOTE—————————————-

The wonder of darkness and silence, the gift of confusion, all meant to help me practice surrender to a Power greater than myself. The curses from my past become the blessings of my present because I am transformed through a very intentional surrender. What sent panic through me in my life experience is received in trusting serenity as guidance away from my domain of fear.

There is a point in the day where effort fades. I have taken my shovel to the mountain that stands as a humbling obstacle, and I have spent my faith in solid work. In the stillness, I calm myself committed to recovery. Darkness falls and I stumble forward, finding the pass my efforts have kept me from seeing. Confusion is a gift when it leads to a higher level of clarity; a seeing beyond the ocular orbs of my flesh.

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