Endigar 778

From Courage to Change of February 15;

We talk a great deal about working the program. Actually what we do is to practice what we’re learning. It’s like studying a second language. A student reads books and attends classes, but this only gives him technical knowledge. To be able to use  the language he must be around those who speak and understand it. He practices listening and speaking while continuing to read. If he stays with it, in time it will become a lifelong skill.

So it is with many of us. We begin with little knowledge and many misconceptions. We go to meetings, learn about alcoholism, and study Al-Anon literature. But to actually be able to use this knowledge takes time, patience, and effort. We spend time around people who speak the Al-Anon language, especially those who are making a strong commitment to practicing Al-Anon’s principles in their own lives. We continue to listen, to read, to learn. In this way the Al-Anon way of life sinks in until it becomes second nature. Then, because we are constantly changing, we have opportunities to learn and practice some more.

Today’s Reminder

If I want to become skillful at applying the Al-Anon program to my life, I need to do more than go to an occasional meeting. I must make a commitment and practice, practice, practice.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ Aristotle

END OF QUOTE—————————————

I can understand the concept of improvement via study, repetition, emersion, and practice. The upward slope of transformation is rarely a straight line from valley to peak for me. I have had to learn to trust the process even when I cannot see that upward incline. Especially then. My progress looks more like radio waves traveling along a helix. The trajectory can be found over time. The forward movement comes when I trust the process of the program and keep it moving with my persistent involvement. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, the promised results will always materialize if we work for them.

My Higher Power maintains the straight line of the program – I orbit the God of my understanding.


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