Endigar 729

From Courage to Change of January 03;

I am writing my life story with every single today. Am I moving in a positive direction? If not, perhaps I need to make some changes. I can do nothing to change the past except stop repeating it in the present. Going to Al-Anon meetings and practicing the principles of the program are some of the ways in which I am already breaking out of unhealthy and unsatisfying patterns of the past.

I believe that my life is built upon layers of little everyday accomplishments. When I think this way, setting goals and taking small risks becomes nothing more than a daily striving to make my life better. Taking some tiny action each day can be much more effective than weeks and months of inactivity followed by a frenzied attempt to make radical changes overnight. It certainly leaves me more serene. When I face a new challenge, I try to take my beginning wherever it may be and start from there.

Today’s Reminder

No one can make me change. No one can stop me from changing. No one really knows how I must change, not even I. Not until I start. I will remember that it only takes a slight shift in direction to begin to change my life.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ~ Lao-tse





There are some things I must do every day. Personal hygiene and feeding my body are examples. Those are the small circles of my life that I must be able to repeatedly complete. The power of my life is built on the foundation of ever expanding concentric circles. I must master the inner circles to expand and grow into the larger ones. If I attempt to invest myself in the outer cycles first, I will lack the energy and foundation to complete my work. Frustration and depression soon follow these unrealistic self-expectations.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but you must keep stepping.” ~ a friend’s qualification to Lao-tse’s famous words.

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