Endigar 858

From Courage to Change of April 28:

Sometimes the things we consider our greatest weaknesses prove to be our greatest strengths. They provide us with opportunities for growth that we would never have had otherwise. All my life I prayed for courage, but it was through my shyness that I learned that courage was already available to me.

I was hesitant about sharing in meetings, afraid I would be ridiculed. I sat in the back and kept my secrets to myself. Still, I heard my own story so often that I began to lose my fear. Calling upon a reserve of courage I didn’t know existed, I managed to approach some members who seemed to have similar experiences. In time, I had spoken with so many people one-on-one that sharing in the group become possible, even comfortable.

If my fear had simply been removed, I might never have known that I am capable of acting on my own behalf. I didn’t need enough strength to get up in front of a roomful of strangers; I only needed enough to keep me taking tiny steps. I had exactly enough strength and courage to reach my goal.

Today’s Reminder

Anything and everything about me can be used for my good. If I feel insecure or frightened today, I will remember that my fear is a signal that there is something for me to learn.

“It may not be the answer I want, but I have to remember that it may be what I need.

As We Understood . . .

END OF QUOTE—————————————

In my younger years, I was mesmerized by something called break dancing. How awesome it would be to whirl about in such a spastic ecstasy. I was skinnier at the time and imagined that I might become a break dancing deity. When I would have that thought, life would appear to me in the form of a single day and ask me, “Do you want to be a break dancer?” I would answer yes. “Are you sure.” Again I would nod my head in the affirmative. “I don’t believe you. If you really wanted it, you would have said, Hell Yeah! and followed it with some action. Any little action to punctuate your enthusiasm. Yes will be filtered away with all things frivolous. I will return when you have something truly important and then I will hear you answer, Hell Yeah.”

Life was correct. Break dancing faded away from my mind. Instead I said Hell Yeah to military life, to fatherhood, and to recovery. And these passions have directed my daily steps toward a fulfilled life. Hell Yeah!

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