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From Courage to Change of April 25:

Many of us have discovered that the telephone can be a lifeline between meetings. At first we many be reluctant to call someone we barely know, but most members are grateful to receive such calls because both parties benefit. It is often as helpful for a longtime member to review the Al-Anon “basics” as it is for the newcomer to hear them. Our strength lies in the fact that we learn from each other.

A particularly useful time for Al-Anon phone calls is when we are preparing to do something new or frightening. Many of us “bookend” these actions: We make an Al-Anon call before taking the action, and we follow the action with a second call. Fr those of us who have always acted alone, this is a way to share our risks and our courage with others who will love and support us, no matter what happens. When we talk about what we are doing and how we feel before taking a difficult step, it becomes possible to act with confidence and serenity.

Today’s Reminder

I will reach out to another Al-Anon member today. If that person is busy or unavailable, I’ll make another call.

“We must learn to lean on others, and sometimes accept others’ leaning on us . . . We can’t do it alone.”

Alateen–Hope for Children of Alcoholics

END OF QUOTE—————————————

Texting is an absolute godsend for me when it comes to maintaining contact outside of meetings. Talking on the phone has always been frivolous, false, and challenging. When I tried making telephone contact, it was a tortious skit of forced civility. But texting has allowed me to think about my words and to become more genuine. They are words that stay for future refence.

Extroverts may truly gain from the fluid interchange between words spoken, but I have found writing far more useful in recovery. Talking is like throwing a flat rock to skip across the water. Writing presents an opportunity to explore depths. The connection and direction needed in recovery is better fulfilled by text then a telephone conversation for me. Either way, maintaining a network of frequent connection outside of the meeting provides needed support in critical times.

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