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From Courage to Change of April 15;

Many of us come to Al-Anon hoping to find answers to the questions that plague us. Should I leave the alcoholic? What about the financial, sexual, medical, legal, and emotional problems? How can I stop abusive behavior? There are as many legitimate options as there are members, and Al-Anon’s position is that we must each find answers that are right for us.

The one exception is a life-threatening or violent situation. In this case, Al-Anon suggests putting first things first; ensuring the safety of ourselves and our children. Perhaps this means leaving money and keys in a safe place so that we can get out in an emergency, or calling the police, or arranging to stay with a friend, if only for today. We learn that we deserve to be safe.

Today’s Reminder

In Al-Anon we don’t make anyone’s choices for them, but we do offer advice of a different kind. We suggest attending Al-Anon meetings, finding a Sponsor, and reaching out by phone. We advise our members to practice the Steps, slogans, and Traditions, and to incorporate these principles into every aspect of our lives. This kind of advice helps us to find answers that we can live with.

“When I concentrate on my personal progress, the difficulties over which I have no control will iron themselves out.” ~ The Dilemma of the Alcoholic Marriage


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The nightmare of addiction is corrosively opportinistic, moving from the spider in the brain through the web of associations exploited to feed the ever-wating predator.

The horror of hurting the ones you love is compounded by those so willingly ensnared. The effectiveness of this damning trap is in its invisibility. Al-Anon’s response is to expose the web, and help to snip away those arrangements that benefit neither the alcoholic/addict nor the ones that love them. Starving the spider is the greatest gift you can give yourself and the diseased mind of those dying of chemical dependance.  Live free in love.

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