Endigar 831

From Courage to Change of April 07;

Could it be that God has a sense of humor? I attended a new meeting recently at which I had been invited to speak. I had conjured up in my imagination a large group of serious-minded Al-Anon members sitting in the perfect location with the perfect format while I uttered a daunting barrage of wise words.

What I found instead was a small group perching in a temporary meeting place with a substitute secretary who had misplaced the perfectly-scripted format. Everything that could go wrong di go wrong.

In short, I soon felt right at home. My Higher Power had substituted enough familiar, spontaneous elements so that I could feel completely comfortable.

My concept of this “important” meeting and the “important” words I’d be speaking and hearing had quickly disappeared. We were just a group of members in the fellowship doing our best to muddle through and lend each other a helping hand.

Today’s Reminder

I give thanks for the ways my Higher Power finds to cut my pretensions down to size. When I can laugh a little, I feel less afraid.

“I want to remember, every time I’m tempted to take a heavy somber view of a happening, that it may not be so bad after all . . . I’ll cultivate a knack for recognizing and enjoying humorous moments” ~ One Day at a Time in Al-Anon


END OF QUOTE—————————————

I do not have humor as an intentional part of my recovery. It is more of an organic outburst when fear is successfully confronted by trust. Trust takes time to build and so most of my laughter has occurred in places and times I realized were safer and more compassionate than I expected. These places were primarily in the 12 Step recovery rooms in the beginning. Soon I began to see them in my daily walk. Laughter is the reward of courage coupled with action. I make sure to harvest it in full as I journey forward. May you stay in the program long enough to see the magic of laughter in your life.

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