Endigar 791

From Courage to Change of February 28;

Turning over my will and my life to the care of a Higher Power (the Third Step) is an ongoing process. At first I surrendered only the big problems. I felt I had no choice — I was clearly powerless, and my best efforts had let me down. There was nowhere left to turn except to a Power greater than myself who could accomplish what I could not.

As my recovery progressed, I came to trust this Higher Power. Today I am pursuing a deeper relationship by improving my conscious contact with my Higher Power. When I face a  decision, whether it involves dealing with an alcoholic, accepting a job offer,  or making plans for the evening, I ask for guidance. When I pick up the phone to speak with an Al-Anon friend, I ask that I might serve as a channel for my Higher Power. I can’t always know my Higher Power’s will, but I can seek greater spiritual awareness every day by becoming willing to receive guidance.

Today’s Reminder

Faith take practice. I will include my Higher Power in more of my actions and decisions today.

“Step Three suggests I teach myself, from this moment on, to be receptive, to open myself to help from my Higher Power.” ~ Al-Anon’s Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions


END OF QUOTE—————————————

I have begun to suspect that the primary point to this temporary stage of an eternal life is to develop a relationship with the Infinite One, as I sometimes call my Higher Power. The Eternal Father at other times. I have many names in the development of this relationship. Back when I was still resentful of God and myself, I referred to this Great Spirit as the Godfather who makes you an offer you cannot refuse. I saw the Spirit use alcohol as a Guido who came to beat me into a “state of reasonableness” (Alcoholics Anonymous pg 48). I have come a long way since then.

I think the point of problems large and small may be to provide opportunities to grow close to the God of my understanding, to appreciate that there is more to this spiritual journey than just being talked off the jumper’s ledge. I have grown up dealing with problems in human relationships because of the warped intimacy that co-dependency and addiction foster. I am paranoid of manipulation and abandonment which is a hard internal landscape to farm crops of trust. Step Three is the most “ongoing” process in my life. I have come to believe that it is possibly the most essential process in the 12-Step program.

My paraphrase of the Third Step Prayer from the Big Book; “GOMU  (God of my understanding), I offer myself to You, to develop and direct as I, by personal consent, follow Your revealed will. Relieve me of the bondage of isolated self, that I may be more effective in discovering and fulfilling Your will. Let the overcoming of my difficulties be a witness of the power of walking closely with You, so that others can see and trust the true democracy of Your caring direction. Let the impact of our united path encourage those You want to help in my environment to also seek Your power, love, and lifestyle enhancement in their own journey.  May the accomplishing of Your will become as habitual as breathing!”


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