Endigar 748

From Courage to Change of January 19;

Today I seek to become a little more accepting of myself, a little more comfortable in my own skin. Although it is important to recognize and admit my limitations and flaws, only my Higher Power can remove them.

Condemning my imperfections has never enhanced my appreciation of life or helped me to love myself more. Perhaps I can let go of all condemnation for this one day. I will recognize that I am on a spiritual path of self-improvement. Every tiny step I take on that path moves me closer to wholeness, health, and serenity.

If I become impatient with myself, I can examine my expectations. Perhaps I expect recovery to happen over-night. I will take time today to acknowledge my efforts and to trust the process of the Al-Anon program.

Today’s Reminder

Al-Anon is a gentle, healing program. I will remember to be gentle with myself today, trusting that the healing will come.

“Today I can accept myself for what I am because I know that whatever happens, I have a Higher Power and a group of people who will love me anyway. ”   . . . In All Our Affairs


END OF QUOTE———————————-


Through the recovery program, I am dating myself. I am getting to know me better. “To thine own self be true.” I also gain access to classified documents kept secret by my internal agency of self-destruction. These “documents” provide a full awareness and understanding of my flaws. They are kept hidden and if discovered, presented as strengths and unique personality quirks that make me interesting.

Recovery cuts through that crap and then further reveals that I am powerless to overcome my short-comings as an isolated individual.

These identified failings are not license for perfectionism. “Progress rather than perfection.” Perfection is another way to remain isolated.

No, I believe I am in need of short-comings that overpower me when I am cut-off to warn me to connect. Humility is a path toward relationship and when I humbly ask my Higher Power to remove my short-comings, I am actually seeking the intimate involvement of GOMU (God of my understanding) in my life.  A short-coming is removed. I am driven deeper only to discover a previously hidden flaw. I let it become an opportunity to embrace my God. I look around and see others walking, pushing, forging on the highway of destiny seeking union with the Infinite One. We are no longer isolated.

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