Endigar 742

From Courage to Change of January 14;

I learned in Al-Anon that I’m bound to fail to make someone else stop drinking because I am powerless over alcoholism. Others in the fellowship had failed as well, yet they seemed almost happy to admit it. In time I understood: By letting go of this battle we were sure to lose, we became free.

Gradually I learned that nothing I did or did not do would convince my loved one to get sober. I understood intellectually, but it took time before I believed it in my heart. Frequent Al-Anon meetings, phone calls, and reading of Al-Anon literature were indispensable to his learning process.

Later, when my loved one chose sobriety, I found new ways to apply this principle of powerlessness. Although I was tempted to check upon the number of meetings attended and to protect the alcoholic from anything upsetting, I had accepted that nothing I could do would make or break another person’s sobriety. After a while, I saw that my fears had little to do with the alcoholic. Instead, they indicated that I needed to work my program.

Today’s Reminder

When I am able to admit that I am powerless over alcohol, my life becomes more manageable. Today I will take the path t personal freedom and serenity that begins when I surrender.

“Our spiritual growth is unlimited and our reward endless if we try to bring this program into every phase of our daily lives.” ~ The Twelve Steps and Traditions


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I am a double dipper being both qualified for Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon. The concept of powerlessness was first limited to my personal struggle. Yet this powerlessness seems to be a spiritual principle quite similar to anonymity. I have considered this from time to time, but Al-Anon takes it to another level for me. It is not just my alcoholism I am powerless over. This is a paradoxical process of becoming free, and the process is advanced when my general meditation on powerlessness finds specific manifestations in my daily living. I am going to sit on this concept in the hope of hatching a new level of spiritual freedom.

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