Endigar 662 ~ Do I Have a Choice?

From the Daily Reflections of January 8;

The fact is that most alcoholics, for reasons yet obscure, have lost the power of choice in drink. Our so- called will power becomes practically nonexistent.  (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 24).

My powerlessness over alcohol does not cease when I quit drinking. In sobriety I still have no choice — I can’t drink.

The choice I do have is to pick up and use the “kit of spiritual tools” (Alcoholics Anonymous, p. 25). When I do that, my Higher Power relieves me of my lack of choice — and keeps me sober one more day. If I could choose not to pick up a drink today, where then would be my need for A.A. or a Higher Power?





If I could choose not to pick up a drink today without the aid of AA, I am not sure that I can then conclude that there would be no need for the Fellowship, or a Higher Power. The spiritual bankruptcy and social isolation that fed my alcoholism are problems that have also been addressed in AA. After decades of searching for such a solution through Churchianity, I have finally been able to develop a working faith with a loving God and an inclusive, never exclusive, permission to embrace the humanity of my fellows, mine included. Powerlessness can be a bridge from a dead world to a colony of hope.

One Response to “Endigar 662 ~ Do I Have a Choice?”

  1. “Powerlessness can be a bridge from a dead world to a colony of hope”; these words are so full of truth! I myself did not find hope until I found Nar-Anon and Al-Anon. Where else will you find a group of souls willing to accept you as you are and show you the way from broken-ess to hopefule-ness! Wonderful way of putting it. 🙂

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