Endigar 552 ~ The Last Promise

From the Daily Reflections of September 21;

We will suddenly realize that God is doing for us what we could not do for ourselves.   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 84)

The last Promise in the Big Book came true for me on the very first day of sobriety. God kept me sober that day, and on every other day I allowed Him to operate in my life. He gives me the strength, courage and guidance to meet my responsibilities in life so that I am then able to reach out and help others stay sober and grow. He manifests within me, making me a channel of His word, thought and deed. He works with my inner self, while I produce in the outer world, for He will not do for me what I can do for myself. I must be willing to do His work, so that He can function through me successfully.



Gold shovel in freshly dug dirt with blue sky

Where do I end?  Where does God begin?  If I exterminate my life, the Infinite Lover of the Universe cannot work through me.  If I become a lifeless zombie, disengaging intellect and passion, I am still rather useless to GOMU (God of my understanding).  I believe my Higher Power is in charge of the RESULTS of my life.  I believe the Goddess Lover of My Soul makes me a Demigod, a God Embryo, a Child of God, and that I am responsible for TASKS based on the daily visions and communications I receive through prayer and meditation, and the guidance I get through my support network – other humans I see that have my best interest at heart.  God moves mountains by amplifying the shovel I bring to the process.  And it must be a mountain that God wanted moved.  I have discovered that usually, God’s will and my ultimate desires do not conflict.  It is only the will I produce in fearful isolation that challenges Gomu’s (God of my understanding) leadership in my life.

IMAGE SOURCE:  Steven Puetzer Photography

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