Endigar 492 ~ Those Who Still Suffer

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

For us, if we neglect those who are still sick, there is unremitting danger to our own lives and sanity.   (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 151)

I know the torment of drinking compulsively to quiet my nerves and my fears. I also know the pain of white-knuckled sobriety. Today, I do not forget the unknown person who suffers quietly, withdrawn and hiding in the desperate relief of drinking. I ask my Higher Power to give me His guidance and the courage to be willing to be His instrument to carry within me compassion and unselfish actions. Let the group continue to give me the strength to do with others what I cannot do alone.




Helping others is not natural for me.  I have to be made aware that my own life and sanity is on the line.  The ability to deceive myself is a well honed skill that will cause me to forget my own suffering.  For that skill to be successful, I must also diminish the reality that others still suffer and are in a desperate situation.  I must believe they are out there enjoying the comfort and power of that sweet burn running down the throat.

I counter this self-delusional skill by opening my mind and heart to the reality of others suffering, with the intent of sharing my experience, strength, and hope.  They are facing a tragic and humiliating death from which they cannot save themselves.  Just as I was.  I must focus on this reality and turn to the Infinite One who cares for us to be equipped with the potential for compassion and unselfish actions.  Another truth I must be confronted with is that I need this connection to Gomu (God of my understanding) to be useful.  I also need the fellowship of A.A. to activate the gift of potential from my Higher Power.  While reaching beyond my isolated nature to help others, I am in the closest orbit to truth I can achieve as a recovered alcoholic.

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