Endigar 393 ~ Entering a New Dimension

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

In the late stages of our drinking, the will to resist has fled. Yet when we admit complete defeat and when we become entirely ready to try A.A. principles, our obsession leaves us and we enter a new dimension- freedom under God as we understand Him.  (As Bill Sees It, page 283)

I am fortunate to be among the ones who have had this awesome transformation in my life. When I entered the doors of A.A., alone and desperate, I had been beaten into willingness to believe anything I heard. One of the things I heard was, “This could be your last hangover, or you can keep going round and round.” The man who said this obviously was a whole lot better off than I. I liked the idea of admitting defeat and I have been free ever since! My heart heard what my mind never could: “Being powerless over alcohol is no big deal.” I’m free and I’m grateful!



Admitting complete defeat.  It is hard for me to stay there long enough to be more than a visitor to this other dimension.  It is my hope to learn from others rather than insisting on dwelling in a slothful skepticism.  I will keep working.

2 Responses to “Endigar 393 ~ Entering a New Dimension”

  1. Thanks as always for your thoughts. All that’s necessary is to keep working.

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