Endigar 290

The first obsessive and unuseful idea I will focus on is that God is a manipulator.  My understanding is that the sixth step causes me to consider, what did I get from this idea, and am I willing to live without those rewards?

God is a manipulator (A co-dependant assertion, a family of origin adaption)

~ God is not interested in me, only in controlling me for his own purposes, to protect his distant control on the human species.

~ God wants to control me for his purposes, wants me to be his sissy whore.  He uses my heart’s desires against me.  He has no desire for my ultimate success, only my advancement to control others.

I really don’t see what I could have gotten from this idea, this way of thinking.  I will consider it as I pray and meditate tonight, and then sleep on it.  It has been a lethal, stormy day in Alabama.  It is a really quiet night after such an unleashing of nature’s fury.  Almost like God had an orgasm and is now sated.  I am truly powerless over this idea.

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