Endigar 197

I hope to close up the 4th step on the 4th day of the 4th month.  I have included a diagram that came to me about the steps.  It is my personal beliefe that prime numbers represent the skeletal structure of the universe, and I have been working to discover a formula to identify them.  I believe that they somehow represent the god entity, the Higher Power.  Just a note, I see the number 1 as a super prime, the birthing of all other primes.  The rules of arithmetic do not acknowledge it as prime.  In my gut, I know that 1 and 0 are extremely important.  And that 1 is a super prime.  Prime numbers reveal the presence of the HP and that is why we have not nailed down a formula to identify primes.  I have circled all prime numbers in the process.

In geometry, if one side is A and another is B, then the resulting corner is A/B.  I have noticed a continium in the step process that goes like this:  Steps 1 – 4/5 – 10.  Steps 2 – 6/7 -11.  Steps 3 – 8/9 – 12.  So I ran these figures as if the were expressing  three different corners. 

The geometrical monster below is the result of these speculations.  I must now return to the 4th step, for it is empowerment that I seek.



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