Endigar 196

Dream analysis anyone?  I was a Hindi ruler last night.  I had a woman who asked that her family be pardoned, and I told her that if I did such a thing for her family, that they would become powerful.  They would have to be willing to pass that power on to others, and that eventually it is a power that would encompass all of humanity.  Then I flowed into some early American settlement dressed like members of “Little House on the Prairie.”  Flood waters came and we travelled to a place in the Talladega National Forest.  In between that transition, my son had a wreck in a white lumina van.  I was literally ripping metal doors away to get to him.  He was fine.

Finally, I left the group and my family to run across familiar wooded land I knew as a teen, but was followed by some of my son’s friends.  I was doing some sort of activity, a combination of run and dance that got me close to the feeling of flight.  I saw my son running backwards in a Michael Jackson moonwalk that was – unnaturally fast.  I laid down on the dirt road, and the teen friends were nearby, chatting.  A native American came walking by in his or her own ecstasy (I do not intend that as insult, the gender was not specific), fingers outward and wiggling – I reached out and touched the fingers after the Indian passed by on my right.  I could hear the boys ridiculing this individual, and I said “Things are not always as they appear.”  The individual came back to us, and pointed into the woods at a pepper plant and said “loi, loi.”  I had the feeling that it was the name for the pepper plant in his/her native tongue.  We ate all the peppers on the bush.  And attempted to exchange names. 

Is any one familiar with a language where the peppers would be referred to as loi?  I guess it could be loy phonetically.

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