Endigar 151


Insuring immunity…intense work with other alcoholics.  I began to sink again, mood dropping.  In keeping with the surrender to the Higher Power, or the life swap, I sought intuitive guidance.  I was not really enthusiastic about the directive that popped into my head.  Pick up my sponsee and spend time working with him in a continuation of our Big Book study.  What I wanted to do was pull away, hide away.  My children are here with me.  There is something that changes within me when they are present.  I expect so much more from myself.  And yet I feel lost.  Issues for me to work on.  And issues for my disease to work on.  I followed the guidance.  I am out of the nose dive.  We worked on the second step while reading through chapter four, We Agnostics.  It turned out well.  We made progress.  We laughed,  relaxed,  experienced some sanity.  Gained another day. 


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