Endigar 150

There are so many things I am interested in.  It is real easy to get distracted from recovery, particularly when the obsession is no longer nipping at my heels.  But my picture of what sobriety looks like has got to be updated, become richer and more inclusive.  When I first come in, it is abstinance and a breath of sanity.  But that view will not sustain me.  It then becomes a surrender to a spiritual way of life.  It must manifest in service work and greater connections.  Then I must find others to help.  What is required for recovery grows, and the territory of my sobriety must expand.  There are no boundaries to maintain here.  Once I relax and say that I have arrived, I begin working the steps of this program backwards and unknowingly unravel my sobriety.  For others, the holidays is an excuse to find a place of respite.  For me, it is a time of increased vigilance and involvement. 


One Response to “Endigar 150”

  1. Interesting post-Without a doubt, the holidays are a time to reflect on where I’ve been and where I believe I want to go.

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