Endigar 149

The act of surrendering completely to the Higher Power is a little  surreal for me.  But it has been beneficial.  It releases me to respond to intuitive thought more freely.  Shortcomings are more quickly addressed, such as getting into on-line “discussions” and not being able to let go.  I can feel the tug that interrupts my obsessive thinking long enough to say “he gives blessings to his beloved in sleep.  Let it go.” 

I did well with push ups and sit ups on the Army Reserve PT test.  The run sucked.  But it was a run, I was trying.  I will continue to seek improvement, but if the Higher Power does not want this, it will not happen.  I am OK with that now.

A strong creative urge has come to life.  It has mostly been spent on one of my other web-logs.

I will go to another CA group that needs help and support, in an hour or so.  Time to get out there again.


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