Endigar 118

It was a good day in recovery.  A good meeting.  Sponsee moving forward.  Started the day attempting to close a circle, a goal I had for reciting my 3rd and 7th step prayers.  It took me over 60 times with repetitious reciting, but I achieved the goal.  My sponsor called and we had a good conversation.  We discoussed the need for humility to avoid following ideas without running them by others in recovery.  He encouraged me to hold my sponsee accountable for content of the meeting.  I was able to share at the meeting, and connected.  It was on reaching out.  Gave the history of how I got the name “Rick James…bitch.” 

I will get up early tomorrow and go vote.  And look for temp work while waiting on word from the military.   Start over, one day at a time.

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