Endigar 119

I voted for McCain yesterday.  But I am not at all disappointed today.  I am proud of my country and of the history we continue to make.  I respect President-elect Obama for the campaign he ran.  He has played by the rules and not asked for special consideration for being black, been tested by some of the best political machines out there, and came through the crucible.  He came from the state of the “great emancipator,” and the design of a Higher Power cannot be honestly denied.  I have often feared the rise of black politicians, because of the human tendency to become what you hate.  I have seen some of them become the racist bigots that once dominated them.  Professional victims often morph into tyrants.  The word “racist” is the white man’s ‘n’ word and I am tired of it.  But Barak was raised by a white woman.  I don’t think he will see oppression merely because a person is white.  I have hope. 

My sponsee relapsed last night.  I remember the frustration of being blind-sided by the obsession.  Maybe we will be able to make some progress today.  I have hope.

Today I am sober and grateful.  I am grateful to be “just me.”

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