Endigar 77

The final question:

12.  Have you realized that God is doing for you what you could not do for yourself?

I find this question repugnant, as though it is not enough for an admission of powerlessness, but now you have to rub my nose in it!  No, I do not sense that there is a God magically spoon-feeding this program to me on any level.  But I feel that this God entity is partnering up with me, empowering me to do what needs to be done and making me effective, amplifying every effort I exercise. 

I believe this God entity needs me as much as I need It.

God was alone in the universe and it “was not good.”  This self-aware central force of the universe, the spider of the web that connects all, wanted others that could relate to It on a level no other being could achieve.  God needed beings that could understand the power of both order and chaos.  He created us, and he set us up to fall.  Perfection with a flaw was the design.  I am OK with this.  I have to express who I am to be a value to It, and It has to enhance my life to be of value to me.  Thus, our relationship has relevance one to the other.

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