Endigar 012

Dreams! save me from my dreams!  As I slept for about two hours last night, I took an exhilarating ride.  In the surreal world of slumber, I went to the restroom, and took a dump, made a fecal deposit, or pinched off a loaf as they say.  There was a little golden computer chip that I brushed off or threw in the toilet and I immediately heard the nebulous dream announcer say that was a new improved computer virus from the future, like a terminator virus that merges with any organic material it comes in contact with.  I looked down and saw that my feces had begun to foam in the water, merging with the chip.  I hit the flush handle and backed up, but too late.  A great dog looking beast jumped out and moved at lightning speed toward me.  I spent the rest of the dream trying to escape the Terminating Shit Dog.  I awoke around 2:30 AM caught in a lucid dream that would not go away.  The room around me seemed to swirl and I felt threatened, probably thanks to the Poopy Pup of Hell snapping at my dreamworld.  I finally had to turn on a flash light to break its spell.  I spent the next few moments literally catching my breath.  The rest of the night was spent attempting to convince a General of his military base’s vulnerability to terrorist attack, and trying to fit in with Hispanic people where I was told that the word “burrito” was a derogatory term.  There was a really pretty lady, but there was no hope of a relationship in this quick tempo.  I had one last image of me attempting to give advice to another alcoholic about avoiding going out when he traveled on TDY (military term for a quick assignment somewhere other than home base for a specific mission).  I am exhausted.  Luckily, it is an off day and I can spend some time in some real meditation.  Holy Crap, Batman!  Was that a bark or a fart?

One Response to “Endigar 012”

  1. dummidumbwit Says:

    Batman! Was that a bark or a fart? Light it and you’ll know for sure?

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