Endigar 882

From Courage to Change of May 21:

When I take the Seventh Step (“Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings”), I calmly ask for help. I don’t beg or demand: I neither grovel nor puff myself up. I needn’t demean myself, and I have no one to impress. I am simply accepting my place in my relationship with my Higher Power, no more, no less. True humility to take my rightful place in the wonderful partnershp I am developing with the God of my understanding.

Humility is said to be perpetual quietness of heart. It means that I do my part and trust God to take care of the rest. Although I may not know how my help will come, I can remain serene. All I have to do is to ask my Higher Power for healing.

Today’s Reminder

Today, when I ask my Higher Power to remove my shortcomings, I will try to do so with a peaceful heart.

“Humility will help us see oursselves in true perspective and keep our minds open to the truth.”

~ Alcoholism, the Family Disease

END OF QUOTE—————————————

The Seventh Step is an advanced version of Step One. I admitted I had become powerless over the burden of self and my spirit had become enslaved. Recognizing that, just like with addiction, I could not break free of the burden of self on my own. I had developed a swollen, isolated ego as a coping mechanism against the pain and threat of social rejection. This ego appeared swollen in the same way my hand held in front of my face would appear to be everything I see. Comparing my view of it to the hands of others who surrounded me, my hand-covered face was blinded to potentially life empowering connections. When that hand was moved into the crowd of my fellow human beings, I could see a world around me that had been obscured. My ego connected with other egos appears smaller but is actually held at a distant from my spiritual vision in its proper place. Humility is gaining psychic distance from one’s own ego. It allows me to see the value of the other egos of my environment. The sober person of AA develops humility to increase respect for others and for the Higher Power, to live separated from the burden of an isolated self, and to explore spiritual freedom.

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