Endigar 847 – About Love (2021 vs 2011)

Art Credit: Alex McArdell (BustedFluxcapacitor on Deviant)

Equipped with the updated and more useful ideas of God, I can move forward:

Useful Idea of 2021: God and I are one, even though I am not God. This is the paradoxical truth that makes me free in recovery and life. ~ Improving my communication skills between my truest Self and My Higher Power is a key element to spiritual growth and empowerment. God ignores my linguistics degree in manipulation.

Useful Idea of 2021: God is an investor in my Intent of Will and asks that I surrender my fears, trade them in for trust in a covenant relationship between the Higher Power and myself.

Useful Idea of 2021: God is my Life Source urging me toward expressive experience. He/She is God of everything or nothing in my life. I chose the former in a Step 3 covenant reaffirmation.


Unuseful Idea of 2011: In order to love others, you must hate yourself. ~ You must hate yourself to love another.  The depth of effective love is measured in the level of self-hatred you can embody.

What is Love? The most useful definition for me is that it is a learned skill that consumes its user. Completed or perfected love drives away fear and that is its most useful characteristic for humanity, in my opinion. That is why it must consume me if it is to be transformative. Any time I sit with myself, I find that fear plagues me and prevents me from maintaining contact with my Higher Power. Love consumes the fear animl within. It is a magical skill that helps me remember my premortal existence, the Self that hungers to live in the Beyond. The 12 Step program gives me a proving ground to practice my magic as I am transformed. The success of my love is measured in the quality and quantity of helping life flourish without losing sight of the Self. The fear animal within me is a trickster masquerading as me. My positive selfishness is part of the love skill that vanquishes that imposter and allows me to truly live. The little beast uses self-hatred skillfully to bury itself within his lair in my psyche. The perfected skill of love is the only magic to counter this ever present force of self-hatred.

Useful Idea of 2021: Love is a transformative magic, a learned skill, and the primary weapon against personal fear and self-hatred. The 12 Steps provides a way for me to refine its potency in my life.

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