Endigar 822

From Courage to Change of March 29;

It’s time I started being nicer to myself. The voices in my head that tell me I’m not good enough do not speak the truth; they merely reflect the damaged self-esteem that results from living with alcoholism. When I recognize that fact, I can tell them to be quiet! I will no longer listen!

Al-Anon recovery has given me gentler, loving thoughts. These remind me that I am lovable and I can learn to love myself. When I open my mind enough to hear that message, I can begin to hear all the other wonderful sounds of life, and the abusive thoughts vanish.

Today’s Reminder

Treating myself with kindness and respect helps me to challenge my own self-criticism. Today I will pay particular attention to any voice that speaks lovingly.

“We need to learn to live, to focus on something good or useful to our lives and let the rest of the world go about its business.” ~ How Can I Help My Children?


END OF QUOTE—————————————

I often hear a chorus of voices that fire off in my brain – that hate me and make no bones about it. I think this is one of the reasons why I get along with everyone. My most potent venom is directed inward.

My mother was an adult child of an alcoholic and that unresolved pain rippled to her children.

The demoralization of active addiction takes generations to overcome, and those of us who desire to extinguish the flames of a family curse have to break all the mirrors in the cranial cavern except for those that are invested, truly invested, in our well-being. The 12 Step program produces some of these empowering reflectors. I am grateful to have something to compete with that chorus of condemnation.

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