Endigar 760 ~ Thoughts on Gomu and the Ability to Live Powerfully.

GOMU = God of my understanding. My personal God. My intimate understanding and relationship with something out there that cares about me.

Gomu’s will is the production of powerful results through my life and that is Gomu’s responsibility; my will is responsible for the effort.

If I want a mountain moved, I must bring the shovel. As I dig Gomu imbues the effort with power. Gomu amplifies my efforts. I glorify Gomu in the success to point to the power of the union, not to diminish the place I have in the process.

I have got to give Gomu something to work with; I have to want to live. This is step zero in all the step programs of spiritual advancement.

The will of Gomu supersedes my own in effect, but it does not obliterate it from existence. “His will, not mine” is a statement of trust growing into faith (a supernatural knowing). It is not an abdication from living. Faith (supernatural knowing and trusting) without works is useless.

I found a document that has been helpful to me and I want to share it here with you. It is not my work or at least I have no memory of the work. That would not be unusual in my early recovery. I would cite the author who labored to collect these if I knew who it was. Nevertheless, I thrust it into the collective consciousness we call the Internet. I hope it is helpful to you. Just click on the hyperlink below.

Big Book Notes on Power


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