Endigar 756

From Courage to Change of January 27;

I knew I was in trouble: I was ready to throw someone I loved very deeply out of my life forever because he had left unwashed dishes in the sink. I was obviously overreacting, yet I couldn’t calm down. I picked up the phone and called an Al-Anon friend.

After hearing me out, she mentioned that I seemed angry about more than dirty dishes. I certainly was. To me, those dishes were evidence of a whole pattern of disrespect. She said that she too grow annoyed and played martyr when faced with the same situation again and again, but whenever she tried to mend all the problems of a relationship in a single day, she failed – it just isn’t possible to do so. Instead, she tried to deal with one situation at a time.

I still don’t like dirty dishes, but I don’t have to interpret them as having a deeper meaning. I am learning to take things at face value. Sometimes dirty dishes are just dirty dishes.

Today’s Reminder

Why do I allow myself to suffer, to blow small things out of proportion? I can break a situation down to a more manageable size by taking it one day at a time.

“The whole purpose for Al-Anon is to help us iron out the rough spots in our living, and that can be done only one day at a time.” –

One Day at a Time in Al-Anon

END OF QUOTE—————————————-


In a world of fear, what do I know? Hidden motives are probably waiting to exploit my weaknesses. Loving turns to humiliation. The true story is not complete until a tragic ending has played out. In a world of fear, overreacting and hyper-vigilance are my way of surviving. My self-sacrifice holds this world of fear together.

In a world of trust fostered in my support network and in the intimate connection with the God of my understanding (GOMU), I can live my life one day at a time. The mastery of that small 24 hour rotation on Earth’s axis is the beginning of breathing freely. I take small actions, eat from the low hanging fruit, and trust the GOMU that cares about me to provide the best results for my life as we circle around the Sun. One day at a time.

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