Endigar 709 ~ Guidance

From the Daily Reflections of February 22;

. . . this means a belief in a Creator who is all power, justice, and love; a God who intends for me a purpose, a meaning, and a destiny to grow, however . . .haltingly, toward His own likeness and image. (As Bill Sees It, page 51).

As I began to understand my own powerlessness and my dependence on God, as I understand Him, I began to see that there was a life which, if I could have it, I would have chosen for myself from the beginning. It is through the continuing work of the Steps and the life in the Fellowship that I’ve learned to see that there is truly a better way into which I am being guided. As I come to know more about God, I am able to trust His ways and His plans for the development of His character in me. Quickly or not so quickly, I grow toward His own image and likeness.





Knowing God has generally been a tall order for me. I have greatly desired it but God seems to speak quietly while I listen loudly. For me He is energy in all its forms, and I am one of those forms. This undiscovered and thus still invisible energy is all pervading and continuously connective. My finite mind looks out into this boundless entity and pins abstract notions of connection such as justice and love and power on the Spirit’s kiss in my life. My knowledge of this Intimate Everything is peculiar to my created form and expression. My life is God-breath and my awareness of this reality is an ongoing process. Seeking sobriety was a major milestone in that journey, yet it is so much more than that. May our Higher Power, in its various forms, guide us all.

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