Endigar 678 ~ Getting Involved

From the Daily Reflections of January 24;

There is action and more action. “Faith without works is dead.” . . . To be helpful is our only aim.  (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 88-89)

I understand that service is a vital part of recovery but I often wonder, “What can I do?” Simply start with what I have today! I look around to see where there is a need. Are the ashtrays full? Do I have hands and feet to empty them? Suddenly I’m involved! The best speaker may make the worst coffee; the member who’s best with newcomers may be unable to read; the one willing to clean up may make a mess of the bank account — yet every one of these people and jobs is essential to an active group. The miracle of service is this: when I use what I have, I find there is more available to me than I realized before.





My ability to work is the most practical and helpful expression of my faith-filled connection with my Higher Power.  Once connected and guided through prayer and meditation, I see what form my work will take.  After it is offered into the Fellowship, I become aware of an interdependence in my human connection.  Our various forms of work responds to the various needs of the Fellowship.

There is a saying I picked up from my churchian days that I think is applicable here.  You reap what you sow, more than you sow, and later than you sow.  It seems the trick is to develop a lifestyle of sowing or investing in others if you want to live in an environment that is giving and abundant.

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