Endigar 669 ~ An Unexpected Inner Resource

From the Daily Reflections of January 15;

With few exceptions our members find that they have tapped an unsuspected inner resource which they presently identify with their own conception of a Power greater than themselves.  (Alcoholics Anonymous, pages 567-568).

From my first days in A.A., as I struggled for sobriety, I found hope in these words from our founders. I often pondered the phrase: “they have tapped an unsuspected inner resource.” How, I asked myself, can I find the Power within myself, since I am so powerless? In time, as the founders promised, it came to me: I have always had the choice between goodness and evil, between unselfishness and selfishness, between serenity and fear. That Power greater than myself is an original gift that I did not recognize until I achieved daily sobriety through living A.A.’s Twelve Steps.




My Shadow on Montevallo

Most of us think this awareness of a Power greater than ourselves is the essence of spiritual experience.  (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 568).

The Higher Power is not me, at least not me in my present form.  For me, it is an undetectable energy that is infinite and is a living entity.  It is pervasive throughout all the visible and invisible structures of existence.   My concept is bound to be wrong on so many levels and becomes more wrong the more exact I try to get.  I am finite and cannot hold within my mind any infinite reality.  And neither can any of my fellow human beings.  We all create the most useful story of what is out there and what seems to care so much about us.  It is the useful truth I grasp, and not the absolute pillars of religious arrogance.  It is spiritual progress I pursue, not spiritual perfection.

The inner resource is the development of my connection with GOMU (God of my understanding).

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