Endigar 632 ~ Love With No Price Tag

From the Daily Reflections of December 9;

When the Twelfth Step is seen in its full implication, it is really talking about the kind of love that has no price tag on it.   (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 106)

In order for me to start working the Twelfth Step, I had to work on sincerity and honesty, and to learn to act with humility. Carrying the message is a gift of myself, no matter how many years of sobriety I may have accumulated. My dreams can become reality. I solidify my sobriety by sharing what I have received freely. As I look back to that time when I began my recovery, there was already a seed of hope that I could help another drunk pull himself out of his alcoholic mire. My wish to help another drunk is the key to my spiritual health. But I never forget that God acts through me. I am only His instrument.

Even if the other person is not ready, there is success, because my effort in his behalf has helped me to remain sober and to become stronger. To act, to never grow weary in my Twelfth Step work, is the key. If I am capable of laughing today, let me not forget those days when I cried. God reminds me that I can feel compassion!





This reflection brings me to what I count as a personal saving heresy of the AA program.  Prior to recovery and prior to the hopeless state of mind and body from my activated alcoholism, I was a devoted Christian.  I learned that humanity had been given a two choice scenario for their lives; accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit, or reject Christ either by volition or apathy and live out a life destined for eternal damnation, regardless of whatever self-exalting work one achieves in this life time.  I also learned that only a small remnant of humanity would chose and be chosen for heaven and salvation.  The vast majority of my fellows had been created within God’s foreknowledge that they would burn eternally in the Lake of Fire in horrific torture without end.  The logical conclusions I derived from this manner of thinking was to become numb to the unfolding horror or to become motivated by a deep sense of fear and guilt.  If I went off to work to take care of my family without any thought of proselytizing my work associates, what kind of selfish son of bitch am I?  And even if I attempted missionary work in my environment, I knew that I was not going to be overwhelmingly successful.  I had it right and most of the world had it wrong.

Now, here is the difference in the Twelfth Step work.  It is all right for me to be selfish in the sense of having a strong sense of self-preservation.  I will not make it in recovery without it.  Listen to the words in the contribution above . . .”My dreams can become reality . . . I solidify my sobriety . . . the key to my spiritual health . . .it has helped me to remain sober and to become stronger . . .let me not forget those days when I cried.”

For emotional sobriety there is transformation work that I must partake in to root out the self-destructive elements of my psyche.  From the contribution above I see that I have to work on sincerity and honesty, to learn to act with humility when I am carrying the message.  I share what I have received freely.  I help another drunk pull himself out of his alcoholic mire.  I remember that I am only God’s instrument.  I must exert effort in behalf of the other person even if he is not ready and regardless of how many years of sobriety I have accumulated.  I act and never grow wear in my Twelfth Step work.

This is the God part which I am completely dependent on the supernatural intervention of my Gomu (God of my understanding) to see happen.  God turns me into a gift for others.  I receive sobriety freely and become a channel.  When I began my recovery, a seed of hope is planted in me that I can help another drunk.  God acts through me.  I am capable of laughing today.  God reminds me that I can feel compassion.  I finally begin to experience the love that has no price tag.

2 Responses to “Endigar 632 ~ Love With No Price Tag”

  1. I remain convinced that there is only One True God, that is the God of Abraham, who is the Father of Jesus Christ. I have accepted the divinity of Christ, and acknowledge him as my Higher Power. I do not agree that there is a predisposition or a selection of only certain people that can be saved from the Pit of Hell. I think the Scriptures clearly indicate that, given the freedom of choice or free will, a number of people will choose not to believe in Christ. This cannot be helped. It’s just as accurate to say only a percentage of people sitting in an AA meeting will remain sober. Or, that only a certain number of people suffering from cancer will survive. Unfortunately, statistics have their place in religion. I will admit, however, that it is sometimes extremely difficult to get others to see this spiritual truth. Some will conclude that condemning people to eternal Hell if they don’t believe is a lot like putting a gun to their head. I am grateful that I have the faith to believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ. In any event, I really enjoyed your post and have always loved discussing spiritual matters. I am adding your blog as one I will be following.

    • Thank-you for the add and your comments. I also like discussing spiritual matters and will do my best to reciprocate the respect that is given in such a discourse. I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone who has found a spiritual expression that helps them live sober. I will say plainly that I do not believe that Scripture speaks clearly, that Calvinists and the doctrine of the Elect and discussions on predestination would state that only a small remnant are preordained for redemption. That implies there are great majority that are preordained for eternal damnation. There is more that swirls in this cranium, but I suspect my sharing would be of little benefit to you or I or others reading this. I hear the AA remonstrances firing off in my head to “avoid public controversy,” and that “nothing pays off like the restraint of tongue and pen.”

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