Endigar 541 ~ Recovery by Proxy?

From Daily Reflections of 10 September;

They [the Promises] will always materialize if we work for them.   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 84)

Sometimes I think: “Making these amends is going too far! No one should have to humble himself like that!” However, it is this very humbling of myself that brings me that much closer to the sunlight of the spirit. A.A. is the only hope I have if I am to continue healing and gain a life of happiness, friendship and harmony.




The goal expressed is happiness, friendship, and harmony in ever increasing exposure to the Sunlight of the Spirit.  The requirement is that I work for it, and endure the humility with cleaning up my side of the street.  It is a steady and persistent forward momentum with this goal in mind that leads me to take possession of each day’s reprieve.  Be prospered in your journey.

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