Endigar 537 ~ Removing Threats to Sobriety

From September 6th’s Daily Reflections;

. . . except when to do so would injure them or others.   (Alcoholics Anonymous, page 59)

Step Nine restores in me a feeling of belonging, not only to the human race but also to the everyday world. First, the Step makes me leave the safety of A.A., so that I may deal with non-A.A. people “out there,” on their terms, not mine. It is a frightening but necessary action if I am to get back into life. Second, Step Nine allows me to remove threats to my sobriety by healing past relationships. Step Nine points the way to a more serene sobriety by letting me clear away past wreckage, lest it bring me down.



Beautiful Snow Mountain Scenery

I resonate with this contribution for the Reflections.  Like the perfection of freshly fallen snow, although tempted, I do not wish to mess it up with my meandering footprints.  I just want to take it in.  Yes.  This is so true.

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