Endigar 536 ~ Emotional Balance

From September 5th’s Daily Reflections;

Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, . . .  (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 83)

When I survey my drinking days, I recall many people whom my life touched casually, but whose days I troubled through my anger and sarcasm. These people are untraceable, and direct amends to them are not possible. The only amends I can make to those untraceable individuals, the only “changes for the better” I can offer, are indirect amends made to other people, whose paths briefly cross mine. Courtesy and kindness, regularly practiced, help me to live in emotional balance, at peace with myself.




The untraceable individuals, citizens of my alcoholic past who left no forwarding address, have become symbols of a life I once viewed as acceptable.  Alcohol describes me as one type of person, and Gomu is showing me another.   It is a process of securing my God life over my tragic one.  The attempt to achieve Emotional Balance and Serenity remind me of Bob Lind’s song, Elusive Butterfly of Love.  Yeah, I’m that old.

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