Endigar 494 ~ Giving Freely

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

We will make every personal sacrifice necessary to insure the unity of Alcoholics Anonymous. We will do this because we have learned to love God and one another.   (A.A. Comes of Age, page 234)

To be self-supporting through my own contributions was never a strong characteristic during my days as a practicing alcoholic. The giving of time or money always demanded a price tag.

As a newcomer I was told “we have to give it away in order to keep it.” As I began to adopt the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous in my life, I soon found it was a privilege to give to the Fellowship as an expression of the gratitude I felt in my heart. My love of God and of others became the motivating factor in my life, with no thought of return. I realize now that giving freely is God’s way of expressing Himself through me.




It all centers around the big IT.  When I am wanting IT in the beginning of my journey, I am finding opportunities to give IT away.  When I have acquired IT, I feel gratitude and give IT to the fellowship where I found IT.  When I become IT, I no longer look for IT to be given to me.   Gomu (God of my understanding) and I become one and loving is as natural as breathing.

Tag, you’re IT.

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