Endigar 424 ~ Step One

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

WE . . . (The first word of the First Step)  ~ Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, page 21

When I was drinking all I could ever think about was “I, I, I,” or “Me, Me, Me.” Such painful obsession of self, such soul sickness, such spiritual selfishness bound me to the bottle for more than half my life.

The journey to find God and to do His will one day at a time began with the first word of the First Step . . . “We.” There was power in numbers, there was strength in numbers, there was safety in numbers, and for an alcoholic like me, there was life in numbers. If I had tried to recover alone I probably would have died. With God and another alcoholic I have a divine purpose in my life . . . I have become a channel for God’s healing love.



I like the concept of “we.”   I believe there is truth in all the contributor’s assertions about strength in numbers.  I also believe that for this program to go from a 2 dimensional on paper theory program to a 3 dimensional walking around heart beating interactive program there has to be a “We.”  It is not just a good idea, it is survival.

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