Endigar 423 ~ A List of Blessings

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

One exercise that I practice is to try for a full inventory of my blessings…  (As Bill Sees It, page 37)

What did I have to be grateful for? I shut myself up and started listing the blessings for which I was in no way responsible, beginning with having been born of sound mind and body. I went through seventy-four years of living right up to the present moment. The list ran to two pages, and took two hours to compile; I included health, family, money, A.A. – the whole gamut.

Every day in my prayers, I ask God to help me remember my list, and to be grateful for it throughout the day. When I remember my gratitude list, it’s very hard to conclude that God is picking on me.




I know that I am grateful for abstinence from alcohol, which gives me the opportunity for full blown sobriety, but I read in the words from the contributor a challenge to have a more extensive gratitude list that I can carry with me.  It sounds like a good idea.

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