Endigar 361 ~ Active, Not Passive

From Today’s Daily Reflections;

Man is supposed to think, and act.  He wasn’t made in God’s image to be an automaton.  (As Bill Sees It, page 55)

Before I joined A.A., I often did not think, and reacted to people and situations.  When not reacting I acted in a mechanical fashion.  After joining A.A.,  I started seeking daily guidance from a Power greater than myself, and learning to listen for that guidance.  Then I began to make decisions and act on them, rather than react to them.  The results have been constructive; I no longer allow others to make decision for me and then criticize me for  it.

Today – and every day – with a heart full of gratitude, and desire for God’s will to be done through me, my life is worth sharing, especially with my fellow alcoholics!  Above all, if I do not make a religion out of anything, even A.A., then I can be an open channel for God’s expression.



Gomu (God of my understanding): “I taught you much when you were still content to be a slave.  I taught you endurance and honor.  And I waited for the day that you outgrew those chains.  Then the slave became a zombie moving about the darkened streets of a post apocalyptic world.  You drank from the pool of liquid death to silence the screams within.  When finally you collapsed and your limp form was brought before Me, to the Temple of Agnostos Theos, I hungered to see you recover.”

Me:  “Is it because you value my indoctrination as a slave?”

Gomu:  “I value your life as a friend.  I do not wish to command you as a slave.  I desire to help you become the most powerful and true version of yourself, free from fear-soaked masks.  Follow Me if you also desire this friendship and  if you want to truly live.  Everyday, it is your choice.  I love you.”

This is not a passive relationship.  It is full of passion and promises to be lived out.  Today I chose friendship with Gomu.

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