Endigar 336

My networking status as of June 3rd:

I have run into another obstacle, perhaps insurmountable, in obtaining qualification for the Chemical Specialist position. It may simply be time to leave military life. I am attempting to relax and hear the intuitive voice of the Infinite One in this matter. I have a pulmonary condition that prevents me from completing the 74D course. I went to Fort Leonard Wood, and as they in-processed me for Phase 2 of my training, they saw my medical profile and sent me home. There is no known cure for this ailment, but its progression has been put into remission. I might be able to go back into military intelligence, but is that wisdom? Would I be useful? When I get HRC to acknowledge my documented time in service, I will probably have enough time for retirement. Is it time for me to just let go?

So I drove to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri this week and got started with the first few days of the course, got sent home, with a long drive enveloped in solitude and disappointment. I have worked hard to get there. It is another situation outside of my control. Yet there is something in me that keeps fighting, wanting to push forward. Perhaps it is just another manifestation of my inability to accept life on life’s terms.



My platoon sgt:  “Never give up on anything, it way around all thing just find it”

Comrade who supported me during and AFTER my alcoholic meltdown: “You could have stopped or called it quits a few years back. Like I mentioned to you then… If you have been going this long and still have some fight left. DON’T STOP!!!”

My brother:  “ I agree with the other post here, my brother. You have always been a warrior. While the time may come to set that part of your life to rest, this may not be that time.”

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