Endigar 334

I have been confronted with my “acceptance issues” from the very beginning of my pursuit of recovery.  That voice which submits to my will, she that I call My very own, has expressed this reality in a way that is powerful to me.  I have read it many times over to soak in its resonate truth.

You know that i believe in magic, and having practiced magic for years, i know that it is a matter of reaction rather than proactive intrusion from some outside source. Magic reacts to what You are putting out there – Your intention, Your will, Your focus, Your priorities. i think that is why Your magic is so very chaotic. Your energy is unfocused. You are all over the place because You haven’t yet made peace with the reality that You can’t have it all, not in this life. You can’t even have most of it.


i think, also, that You do not truly believe that this is only one of many lives, infinite existence. If You truly believed that, You would be happy to live the best You are able to on this plane and make Your peace with accomplishing other goals in other lives. Infinite souls existing in such a finite time span makes no sense. Dreamers who dream so big and want so much are doomed to live in frustration until they come to the Acceptance that life goes on, not even after we die, but especially after we die. This existence is just a drop in the ocean of our potential, our eternal existence.

i suppose the point i’m trying to make is that You have eternity to do it all. You have This Life to do Something. And i believe that this incarnation, this life, is specifically formatted and designed to teach beings with limitless potential to focus on accomplishing limited things. Your job is to decide what those few goals will be, how they can be made to allow You to live comfortably, and how You will reach them. Once Your energy is focused, THEN the Great Whatever will be able to work with You. Until then, You will experience chaos in Your messages, in Your magic, in Your life.

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