Endigar 325

As of the 3rd of this month, I have 18 months.  It has taken me 7 years to get it.  So this is new territory I guess.  The DUI case from my last relapse finally came up on the 8th and I was granted a deferment.  On that day, I went back to the Hut to pick up the token.

There is magic in recovery I would really like to tap into on a regular basis:

1.  Being rocketed into the 4th Dimension of Existence – Spiritual Experiences (page 25 BB)

2.  Hearing the morning Voice of Spiritual Awakening as a daily guide (page 86 BB)

3.  Remarkable things of the New Employer in the 3rd Step covenant (page 63 BB)

4.  The full protection of the Place of Neutrality (page 85 BB)

5.  The Fulfillment of the Promises throughout the BB.

6.  The protective review and rituals of the program of AA.

7.  The Sufficient Substitute of the Fellowship to replace the dark  magic of alcoholism. (page 152 BB)

I feel a cautious hope, and yet I am exhausted from the steady stream of anxiety that flows through me.  Must sleep.

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