Endigar 313

I heard yesterday in a meeting a simple concept of steps 2 through 7.  Steps 2 and 3 we establish the God of our understanding, and in so doing, the characteristics we attribute to that GOMU (“God of my understanding”) sets the standards for what we regard as perfection of existence.

In steps 4 and 5, we establish a clear, realistic picture of what we really are, good, bad, ugly.  And in steps 6 and 7, we establish what we want to be, and set out on our journey to reflect the perfection of our Gomu.

The implications for me is that Gomu might simply be our higher self.  It might be the echo of our own perfection speaking to us from an infinite coexistence.  Or it might be a Deity, an Infinite Entity that has encoded within us an awareness of and desire for its nature, a hunger and deep need to connect to this Gomu.  For me, the difficulty with the later is the unique expressions our perspectives of the divine manifest.

There was a mention that the Big Book didn’t actually say much about steps 6 and 7, but in the later publication of the 12 steps and 12 traditions, it was discussed in greater detail.  The phrase “more will be revealed” was used in the meeting.  I know I have heard this thought in my traditional Christian years, and I have heard it in the rooms.  I assumed it was in the Big Book somewhere, and attempted an internet search for it.  I found the following: [http://anonpress.org/faq/files/read.asp?fID=470].  It is another concept that is inferred or maybe paraphrased from the AA literature.  But it does point to the prospect that not only does our individual perspective alter, but the understanding of the group consciousness also changes as more is revealed by…the group Gomu.

So, the pursuit of perfection in the program is subjective and individualistic in its specifics, and it is tested by the utilitarian functionalism in the interactive environment by such important questions as, “Does it keep me clean and sober?”  “Does it improve the quality of my relationships?”  “Am I achieving the state of being happy, joyous, and free as promised in the text?”

Another implication of the standard of perfection for steps 6 and 7 being based on the concepts of Gomu established in steps 2 and 3 is that the path toward perfection may involve the altering of the standard to match our spiritual evolution in step 11.  Our step 10 inventory work may be to adjust our course and relinquish obsolete ideas of perfection.

Whatever adjustments we make it is important to keep the core principles of the program in sight.  I have heard that this is a disease of perception (a disease that profoundly affects and is affected by your perception).  The principles are inferred from the 12 steps of the program listed on pages 59 through 60 in the Big Book.  I do not find them listed by the founders anywhere.  That task was left to their spiritual beneficiaries.  So I refer to this site for a good listing: [http://www.barefootsworld.net/aaprinciples.html].  I have created a page to capture that listing in case this link ever goes dead.

In listening to myself share in the meeting, I fail to use the steps.  I have been in the program long enough so that my experience goes beyond escape from the alcoholic obsession, and should include my own clear guidance through the steps.  My sharing should go beyond the reflection of my ego and point to the steps of the program.  I will soon have my year back and desire to sponsor.

And I need to find my own sponsor in Al-Anon, and continue work with the moon guide.  It will probably be July before I can work on this in earnest.  Gomu keep me until then.

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