Endigar 294

“Meanwhile, keep up with your dull mundane exercises.  I know progress is slow, but it’s possible to be slow and still get to where you are going… Remember the tortoise and the hare…speed is not the essence; steady accomplishment is…Just don’t quit trying” Piers Anthony, Letters to Jenny, Page 123.

I am back from my annual training with my Army Reserve unit, and I still have much to process, to consider.  My life has often fallen short of the magic I hunger for, but someone pointed out to me yesterday after a meeting at the Hut, that if you just glance across the surface of the ground, you might miss all the hidden activities and steady processes occurring below the surface. 

The terrain at Fort Hunter-Liggett is threateningly beautiful.  I wish I could have enjoyed it from a private cabin with fireplace for the cold nights and morning coffee to greet the sunrise.  I did have one moment in time where I tried to pull off alone into the wilderness and just observe in stillness;  to surrender to the moment, and to touch the energy of the endless one with no materialistic expectations.   The following is what I was able to glean from that meditation:

Lessons … Heard from the Mountain. 

I can only see the large picture from a distance.  Large is invisible up close.  It does not appear to move.  Its power is in its ability to hold a place in time. 

It contrasts the sky.  It reveals perspective of the sky.  Trees are also still, and cover its surface, pull from its depths.  The Mountain reveals the strength of the ground.  It is carved by water, that ageless agent of change.  It is lit by the Sun’s fire.

Why do birds make noise?  What is the purpose in their soundings?  Does trust of the Infinite One exist without self-awareness?  Does the Mountain trust or care?  It just is.

Trust is given by the movers, the active ones.  And the greater the self-awareness, the greater the need for establishing trust.  The need for connection with the Infinite One.

How do I build beyond the pain?

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