Endigar 281

From post Endigar 277;

“~ My ideas concerning masculine and feminine energy are rather medieval, primitive.  That is what the Moon Shadow guide observed during our conversation and we began a discussion of Tao philosophy.”

I am not at all convinced that I am powerless over this idea, that it is useless, or that the problems I have in my own relationships are even related to this perspective.  But I am open to learning, and I am willing to consider his observations.  A friend loaned me her copy of the Tao of Pooh, which I have read, and her copy of the Te of Piglet, which I will start reading very soon.

I really like the Tao and I can see the truth of it in nature and the flow of the universe.  Yet there is another oriental writing that I find interesting, and that is “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu.  And this leads me to the idea that I have about masculine energy that might be related.  “The ability and willingness to kill can accelerate the power to steward others.”

There is another idea that I have heard females express or imply in relation to their post-rape perspective that I have a hard time accepting, and seems to be related to my understanding of male – female energy.   The female seems to focus on the personal feelings of being dismissed, discarded, devalued.  The observing male seems to focus on the line crossed that must be reasserted, lest a precedent of predatory behavior be unleashed like wolves on the sheep.  I do not have a hard time with the personal pain that those who are raped suffer.  That is, I do not have a problem with the apparent focus of their pain as I have observed.  What gets me is the tendency for the crime to go unpunished because punishing the rapist violates what appears to be the self-delusions of those raped in response to that pain.  To consider what has happened, report it to law enforcement or those willing to seek retribution in their behalf, makes them vulnerable to internal attacks on their self-esteem.

DISCLAIMER:  I am working on personal issues, and I have not personally experienced rape.  I am trying to remain transparent in the process so others may see both the struggle and solution working in my own life.  If you have experienced the trauma of rape, it is not my intention for my words here to be taken as a statement of what I believe should become policy, or even worse, a judgment of those who have suffered.

I would like to discuss this one more.  I think what the guide is picking up on is my resentments against the apparent disequilibrium caused in society by the abdication of males in the face of the assertion of masculine energy in women.  And my resentments of the demonization of males who embrace masculine energy.

Is it possible that the problems with male dominance comes from a confusion in mentorship, not knowing the appropriate way to express ourselves?  And left with frustrated testosterone, men lash out.  And then they have to be beaten back by others who command masculine energy, usually other frustrated males.

Anyway, I am reading others ideas in this arena as they are being presented.  I feel that the current approach of my social environment is quite haphazard, with damning results.

I am not sure that the difficult parts of this idea reflects a root issue.

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