Endigar 278

Is it possible that the Infinite One conspires to create a companion for Itself, and that we humans are very much apart of that romantic scheme? We are the Yin and It is the Yang in that powerful intercourse?  Is it possible that we must learn to embrace both the order of God, like an angel, as well as the Chaos of God like no other? 

Is it possible that Christ was a heretic whose primary focus was to teach us to seek resurrection while still in this body?

Is it possible to self-actualize personal mythology in these bodies?

Maybe it is more important to have really good questions to move us forward rather than the answers that serve to box us in.  I like these questions.  The foundation for some new adventures?  Maybe.  If you are reading this, I just want to say that I it is my passive desire to know that you are making it, and that you are unfolding as a fellow human being.  My desire is only passive because I cannot see you or directly connect with you.  But I genuinely desire good things for you.  And thank-you for your time.

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